System Connections

Citizens and businesses in Dorr and Leighton Townships desiring to connect to the DLWA System must follow certain steps to complete the task.

      1. Contact the Authority Office 616.891.8238 to learn if/how a wastewater connection can be made.
      2. Detail the type of connection being requested (i.e. Residential or Commercial/Industrial).
      3. Residential customers must visit the Authority Office (schedule in advance) and complete a Sewer Connection Application and pay the associated Connection Fees.
      4. Commercial/Industrial customers should access and review the Development Guidance Manual listed below, which explains the Authority’s connection process in more detail.
      5. Commercial/Industrial connections require a letter of intent and detailed site plan to initiate the connection process.  The Letter of Intent form is listed below.
      6. The project’s Letter of Intent and Site Plan allow the Authority’s Engineer to determine the best way to proceed with the connection and connection fee strategy for the customer.
      7. The Commercial/Industrial customer receives notification to visit the Authority Office (schedule an appointment in advance) to complete the Sewer Connection Application and pay the applicable Connection Fees.