The Dorr-Leighton Wastewater Authority (DLWA) is the local service provider for Wastewater collection and treatment in Dorr and Leighton Townships.  DLWA is a legal business entity required to operate, maintain, and replace its System assets in accordance with various laws, rules, and regulations enacted by Federal, State, and local governments.  Monies must be collected from wastewater customers to support the annual budget adopted by the Authority Board.   for the purpose of ensuring the Authority remains viable and provides the services assigned by the Township Boards and their citizens.


Quarterly charges are levied on each System user who discharges wastewater of any type either directly or indirectly into the Authority’s System based on their assigned Residential Equivalent User (REU) value from the Authority’s adopted REU Table (see below).  Utility bills are calculated, created, and mailed each quarter by Authority staff.  The Table is based on the estimated monthly water use for a Single Family Residence in the DLWA Service Area using the following assumptions:

    • Water Use–4500 gallons of water per month (13,500 gallons per quarter)
    • Inhabitants– 3+ persons per household (average) based on Census information

Higher volume users are billed in multiples of this baseline Single Family REU value based on their type of commercial/industrial entity or by actual water meter data provided by the user in accordance with adopted Authority regulations.  Additional charges for extra strength loading, toxic pollutants, and wastewater monitoring is levied in addition to the calculated REU billed value, as necessary.

Rates and Charges

The Authority Board is required annually to review the rates and charges used to establish its operating budget and determine if they are adequate to continue providing the monies necessary for operation, maintenance, and replacement of its assets.  This is typically done at the semi-annual Board Meeting in November when the budget is also adopted in conjunction with any needed rate change. 

Two (2) components make up a quarterly billing charge:

      • Debt Service–pays for monies borrowed to finance major capital improvements/replacements
      • O&M Charge–pays for labor, utilities, chemicals, repairs for daily operations and maintenance
      • Adopted 2021 Rates–Debt Service ($85)/O&M Charge ($105)
      • 2021 Quarterly Bill (1 REU)–$190/Quarter

Billing Cycles

Quarterly bills are produced and mailed on the first Thursday of each quarter with payment due on the last day of the quarter as listed below:

Quarter Period Billing Date Due Date
1st Quarter (Q1) January 1-March 31 1st Thursday in March March 31
2nd Quarter (Q2) April 1-June 30 1st Thursday in June June 30
3rd Quarter (Q3) July 1-September 30 1st Thursday in September September 30
4th Quarter (Q4) October 1-December 31 1st Thursday in December December 31

If you are moving into or out of the Dorr-Leighton Wastewater Service area or have questions regarding billing or payment contact the DLWA Treasurer (Ms. Fern O’Beshaw).  The Annual Budget, Audit, and other more detailed financial information is available upon request.

      • Phone–616 891-8238
      • Email–

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